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The Lore of Still Building


by Kathleen Howard and Norman Gibat 
In just a few short hours it will be within your power to construct your own efficient and economical still. You will be able to build a small still for the production of alcoholic beverages or a larger version for the production of fuel energy. Gasohol is only one of the many possible solutions to the fuel shortage explored in this single explosive volume. Home wine and beer-making are both legal in the United States, Canada and Great Britain. Home Distillation (operating a still) is not legal. Knowing how to distill is not illegal, but the Doing Is! However, a variance to the Distillation law can be obtained in the United States for the experimenter who wishes to build his own still for producing fuel. This variance does not allow the production of beverage alcohol although there is no difference between the two. Serious energy shortages have added even greater pressures for3 the releasing of the legal taboos on the freedom to distill. When such changes are legislated this informational book will then become a valuable textbook to the home distiller.
190 pages.

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