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Strong Waters: A Simple Guide to Making Beer, Wine, Cider and Other Spirited Beverages at Home


by Scott Mansfield

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Discover the Many Rewards of Homemade Spirits—Unique, Flavorful, Economical and Surprisingly Easy to Make!
Today’s renewed interest in making wine and beer at home amounts to nothing less than a renaissance. No matter why you want to join the new generation of homebrewersto complement your cooking, to save money, or simply for a truly rewarding hobby—Strong Waters will tell you how.
In this do-it-yourself guide, Scott Mansfield makes a grand tradition accessible for today’s enthusiasts. Beginners will welcome his tips for getting started inexpensively with everyday materials, and experienced hobbyists will be inspired by recipes for longtime favorites and forgotten delights, including:
Limoncello, the perfect aperitif to conclude an Italian dinner
Perry, apple cider’s sweeter cousin, made from pears
Jalapeño Wine, a healthy drink that doubles as a marinade
Rhodomel, an ancient Grecian mead flavored with roses and honey
Spruce Beer, a North American classic since colonial times
Worried that making your own spirits is complicated? Don’t be! Strong Waters covers everything from the basics of bottling to the science of sweetening. It’s surprisingly easy, and as eight pages of color photos illustrate, the results are tantalizing. Cheers!

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